About Us

About Us

Your child’s educational journey begins with our Kindergaten play school for 12 months – 6year old. At ACIK, we offers a creative Canadian curriculum, providing a strong foundation in the core skills of literacy and numeracy, together with research and problem-solving skills. The magic of inspiring young minds is at the heart of all we do. Enrichment activities using our extensive grounds and all the facilities of our family of schools give each child the chance to flourish and shine. 

Children graduating from our school are confident and at ease with themselves. They enter into their next school, public or private, eager to explore and equipped with the knowledge, aspiration and love of learning necessary to make them extremely successful students.

Alathena Canadian International Kindergarten (Hong Kong) is founded by a group of renowned educators, from within Hong Kong and overseas. We adopt the experiential, child-centred methodology of world leader, Canada. Young children learn most effectively in a stress-free but stimulating environment, which gives them the best possible start to becoming lifelong learners. We design our courses with the most up-to-date Canadian Curriculum, with integrations of the latest assessment tools and evaluation strategies to provide the young learners with the right tools needed to prepare and guide them on their journey into formal education.

We welcome students of all nationalities as we aim to build a truly international education community. Our mission is to provide learners with a complete, balance and enjoyable educational experience that is interactive, imaginative and stimulating creativity, whilst focusing on real results by providing high quality teaching and materials that target each stage of child development and to develop their talents to the fullest.
ACIK is committed to ensuring its facilities are conducive to the teaching of 21st century skills. A highly qualified, committed and capable professional team of Principal and teachers will nurture and celebrate every child’s unique potential and character, enabling our students to successfully secure a place in well-respected primary schools, either local or international. At ACIK, Not only collaborate in offering the very best educational experience to our students, but we will also do our best at preparing our students for success in the rapidly-changing world they will one day graduate into.

As a centre of excellence in Early Childhood Education, to fully enhance the learning potential of our students, we also adopt the advanced air purification technology developed in Canada. The controlled distribution of clean and fresh air will complement the stimulating and caring environment, designed to allow every child to take their learning performance to the highest level. Canada education experts will work closely with our teaching staff in professional and curriculum development to ensure that we offer the very best of their country’s outstanding practice within the Hong Kong context.
Alathena Canadian International Kindergatern (Hong Kong) accepts all students of all nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, culture, and any intersection. We welcome your interest in the school and our community. We are glad to offer you a tour of our facility any time. Our doors are always open for you.

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  • Address:Shop B, G/F & 1/F, 1 San Wai Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, HK
  • Tel: 2827 7868
  • Email:[email protected]