The Learning Outcomes
of our Curriculum

The Learning Outcomes of our Curriculum

Our students acquire language abilities through a play-based approach. The main characteristic of our curriculum is fun-learning. This learning though play approach develops children’s social skills. Through interactive learning activities, children naturally acquire different communication skills based the four elements of language; listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  

Building Self-confidence

During the learning process, our teachers will not make value judgements but will give appropriate advice and guidance. In this way, children can freely express and try out their own ideas and build self-confidence . 

Being Well-versed in Knowledge and Skills

Our curriculum is highly integrated, covering various learning areas such as language, mathematics, information and communication technology, music, arts and crafts and physical education. Through different play activities, our students are more motived to learn and their learning capacity is also enhanced. 

Becoming Well-equipped for All Kinds of Primary Schools

With the effective implementation of the Finnish curriculum by our well trained teachers, our students will become self-motivated learners. They love to learn, excel at communicating with others, dare to accept responsibility and feel free to innovate. As a result, they will be very well equipped and confident to succeed in their primary education, whether they enter an aided, direct-subsidy, private or international school. 

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